How often have you wished

- there was somewhere you could invite your friends to
- where they could hear stories of faith
- without all the unfamiliar things in our church services which are so important to us and so strange to them.

Cabaret Connexion exists to do just that - to tell stories of faith in a laid-back setting.

- with good quality entertainment
- with light refreshments and drinks
- with good company
- with no pressure

story1Each evening will start with a 45-50 minute music or entertainment followed by a short interval in which drinks and light refreshments will be served. In the second half the main speaker or act of the evening will feature in a 40 minute talk or interview which will be left open ended. Coffee and mints will be served and the table hosts will be able to take the conversation in any direction or none as the evening winds up.

Because this is an opportunity for mission we hope that churches, individuals or small groups will want to book whole tables for their friends at less than the cost of most Saturday evening cinema tickets.

We will provide invitations for you to personalise so that you can invite your friends, neighbours, relatives and colleagues. You can treat them or pass on the cost as you wish.

Cabaret Connexion is a step back from Alpha

but provides an ideal introduction to the idea of a relaxed evening with a circle of friends, something to think about and a chance for dialogue.

Each evening the doors will open at 7.30 and the show will start at 8pm. Please note that for the sake of those already present, guests arriving after the show has started will not be admitted until the interval.

story2...Same Style

After the interval the main act will take part in a laid-back conversation about life and love and what makes the world go round.

Bring your own drinks

This year all Cabaret Connexion events will take place in the Lansdowne Hall which is situated in the village of Derry Hill between Chippenham and Calne. This is a modern venue both smart and inclusive.

As usual there will not be a bar at Cabaret Connexion events. Instead as a host you can choose to treat your guests by providing their favourite drinks or add to the fun of the evening by planning with your guests who will bring what drinks. Glasses both wine and beer and water provided.


Stories of faith in a laid-back setting